Getting Ready Stress-Free on Your Wedding Morning

Getting Ready Stress-Free on Your Wedding Morning

The morning of of your wedding is like the grown up version of Christmas morning. You hardly slept the night before out of excitement or anxiousness. You wake up crazy early because you can’t wait to get the day started. You have a million things running through your mind! It would be easy to feel stressed on the morning of your wedding, but this should be one of the best and most fun parts of the day! You’re with your friends, preparing in excited anticipation for the event to come. Follow these tips for getting ready stress-free on your wedding morning, and start the day off right!


Together with your planner and/or photographer, having a solid timeline in place at least two weeks before the big day will help you stay stress-free on your wedding morning! Knowing exactly what will happen when, and who needs to be where by what time is actually reassuring. Everyone is on the same page and there’s no question about what comes next. These professionals are also likely experienced enough to build a little extra time in your timeline in case things take longer than expected – no worries here!


Having a timeline specifically for hair and makeup is a huge stress reliever for getting ready. If your HMUA does not go over this with you, check with your planner to make sure you have a well scheduled plan in place! Your hair and makeup is best scheduled somewhere in the middle to end time slots so you’ll be picture perfect and all your friends/family will be ready to help you get dressed.


Most photographers will remind you of this, but it’s a huge stress reliever and time saver to gather all your details you want photographed before the photographer arrives. Keep everything in one box/basket and you’ll know everything’s accounted for and being captured! These include your shoes, jewelry, veil, perfume, rings (all of them!), and your something borrowed/something blue.

The same rule goes for the guys. The groom’s details often get overlooked, but most couples want these details documented as well. Grooms, have your cufflinks, shoes, bowtie, boutonniere, handkerchief, etc. in one box/basket ready for the photographer to capture!


The ultimate guide for getting ready stress free on your wedding morning is to prepare everything the week before. Begin gathering those details into a designated box. Pack everything you need for the wedding morning at least the day before, if not earlier! This includes the special hanger for your dress, outfits for getting ready in, comfy shoes or slippers for the morning, your garter, cosmetic bag, undergarments, and your overnight bag for wherever you’re going after your reception. Don’t stress over where you put your sticky bra when you should be thinking about the moment you’ll see your other half!


Getting ready on your wedding day should be mimosas, laughter, reminiscing, and excitement for the events to come. If you think of something that needs doing, you have a whole support crew at the ready. One important thing to delegate to your wedding party is the task of cleaning your getting ready room. Many rooms look like a bomb exploded pretty quickly once everyone starts opening their makeup bags and throwing clothes everywhere to change into the cute robes you brought everyone. Have everyone help tidy and stay organized so that no one is scrambling to find things, and your photographs don’t look like you got ready in a war zone!


It is so easy to get wrapped up in all the excitement and forget to eat. In your preparations the week before, make sure you decide what you want to eat while getting ready and delegate someone to put it together for everyone. You will need the energy and you don’t want your stomach rumbling during your vows!


Your friends, mom and whomever else will be helping you get dressed should be dressed, made up and ready before this. Make sure you schedule hair and makeup so that everyone is ready in time, and have any tools you need to help get the dress on at hand!


If you have a planner, odds are they’ll have an emergency kit on site, but it’s always a good idea to have a bag full of “just in case” items. Having this kit will bring you peace of mind and again relieve your stress during getting ready. This kit could include a small sewing kit, scissors, safety pins, bandaids, floss, a crochet hook, pain reliever, pads/tampons, a tide stick and more. Click here for recommendations from two local wedding planners on what to include in a wedding emergency kit!


At the end of the day, remember that it’s YOUR day. However you want it to look, it will amazing! Whether that means you wake up early to have a quiet cup of coffee before anyone else is up, to reflect on the day ahead, or you want to get ready in a separate room, or if you want everyone in one big getting ready suite so you’re surrounded by people — whatever you need to feel relaxed and stress-free is great! Hopefully these tips have helped give you some ideas about making sure everything goes smoothly on your wedding morning and you have an amazing wedding day!

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