What to Include in a Wedding Emergency Kit

What to Include in a Wedding Emergency Kit

Whether you were in six weddings last year and are a total veteran, or you’re the first of your friends/cousins to get married so you’re totally new to all this, you probably are aware of the wedding emergency kit in one form or another. Whether your wedding planner has reassured you they bring the essentials, or your maid of honor is already stashing bandaids and sewing kits in a bag for the big day, it truly is a good idea to have some basic things at hand in case things go wrong! Here is a comprehensive list of what to include in a wedding emergency kit, followed by some professional advice from local wedding planners!


What to Include in a Wedding Emergency Kit


Amanda Matilda Photography - Grand Junction Wedding PhotographerHEALTH

Pain killers

Band aids





Allergy meds


What to Include in a Wedding Emergency Kit | WED West SlopeFloss







Hair brush/comb

Lip balm



Nail polish & remover

What to Include in a Wedding Emergency Kit | WED West SlopeNail clippers & files


Eyelash glue

Lint roller


Bobby pins

Hair ties



Sewing kit

Straight pins (for boutonnieres or bouquets, etc!)

What to Include in a Wedding Emergency Kit | WED West SlopeDouble stick tape

White duct tape

Safety pins


Static cling spray


Phone charger

Tide stick

Hem tape

Crochet hook


Drinking straws

Water & Protein snacks


Tonja from R&R Events and Design weighed in on the wedding emergency kit creation, saying “If you don’t have a wedding planner, I would put your Maid of Honor in charge of getting a wedding day kit together! The dollar store or the travel bins at Target will be where you find a ton of goodies! No need to buy massive amounts…remember it is just one day!”

Along those lines, be cautious of going overboard. Sure you never know what you’ll need, and yes you need some of these things, but it’s very unlikely you really need to stock up on every item on this list.

We asked a few local wedding planners what are the top 3 things you must have on your wedding day, and these were the most recommended items to include in a wedding emergency kit:

1. White Duct Tape, for all design quick-fixes

2. Gum or breath mints – things are pretty up close! Guests hug you, get in your personal space, and to be honest when you kiss the one you love you want to have nice breath!

3. Straight pins – these are a must! If you have someone helping place all the boutonnieres on….99.9% of the time one straight pin goes missing!

Use this list and these professional guidelines to create your emergency kit – and remember every wedding is unique and everyone’s emergencies look different, so everyone’s kits will look different! Good luck and happy wedding planning!

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