A Royal Wedding in Western Colorado?!

A Royal Wedding in Western Colorado?!

Royal Wedding in Western Colorado | photo by Amanda Matilda Photography

If you are in love with the royals as much as I am, then I think we should be friends! I mean, did you get up at 3am for Kate and William? I sure did and sipped on champagne! Or maybe you had a girls brunch while you were watching Meghan and Harry! So how do you pull off a Royal Wedding on the western slope? Let’s start with the basics…

The first thing you are going to need is a tiara! Every princess needs a crown on her big day. After that just add in a few of the traditions, and you will be hosting your very own royal wedding

Okay, maybe it’s not quite that simple. Let’s dive into the three most important steps:

Top 3 Royal Wedding Must-Haves:

Royal Wedding in Western Colorado | photo by Amanda Matilda Photography

1. Rise and shine for an early morning ceremony. Most royal wedding ceremonies start in the morning and the celebration moves into afternoon cocktails. (I think I would be able to handle this, mainly because who doesn’t love champagne cocktails?!)

2. Keep it classic and traditional with dinner, a royal dinner is always plated, served and fabulous! You won’t see a BBQ buffet or family style dinner at a royal wedding. Everything is proper and perfectly placed. This might be a good time to brush up on your fine dining skills and always make sure you say thank you to the parents and and living grandparents at the wedding!

3. Top-shelf bar and proper wine pairings are norm for all formal dinners. You will not find a cash bar option, wine or beer! Everything is done with intentional pairing with the dinner selections for a unified, high end dining experience!

Royal Wedding in Western Colorado | photo by Amanda Matilda PhotographyWith the recent royal weddings, we are seeing more and more couples adopting some of these traditions for a more fancy feel to their big day. Hopefully these few insights will help you on your way to creating your very own royal wedding! If you are planning a wedding like the royals, tag us #WEDwestslope in the pictures, I’m dying to see!!

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