What to Expect at Your Wedding Gown Appointment

What to Expect at Your Wedding Gown Appointment

I sat down with Afton from Annelise Bridal Boutique here in Grand Junction to talk with her about the topic of what to expect at your wedding gown appointment. Having stuck to a couple larger stores back home in Iowa where I did my dress shopping, it was all new information to me! I figured this is probably your first time too, so here’s what to expect:



First things first, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with the boutique(s) you’re going to shop at. Many of these smaller shops (and even a lot of the big guys!) require appointments to keep your time with them uninterrupted and give you the best experience they can offer. They’ll sit down with you one-on-one to talk about what you like and don’t like, and help you narrow in on your perfect gown.



The best thing about gown appointments is this is a fun time to relax and take it easy! This should be a no pressure time for you to enjoy with your gang. The appointment will start with a sit down time to chat about what you’ve seen at weddings you’ve been to, what concerns you have, and what shapes you might be interested in. Or if you’re like me and have no idea what shapes are out there (you think there’s something about a mermaid… right?) the owner can use this time to feel out what you like in layman’s terms. Lace or satin? Fitted or flowy? These important style preferences paired with knowing what your venue is like are key to helping guide you into the dress of your dreams!



What to Expect at Your Wedding Gown AppointmentWith appointments at smaller boutiques often being this one-on-one style you can likely expect to be the only bride there. Along those lines, expect there not to be a ton of room so plan who you bring wisely! We recommend sticking to less than 5 people in your party. You will want to focus on your emotions and needs and not what 15 other people have to say!

With one-on-one time with the boutique owner, you’ll have access to years of knowledge and expertise. They’ve likely seen your style before in other brides and know where to push your comfort boundaries to help make you feel confident you’ve tried all the best options for your style and body type. They’ll also help guide you away from shapes you’ve consistently disliked so that you’re not wasting your time with a gown you’re going to end up hating anyway!



What to Expect at Your Wedding Gown AppointmentFinally whether you’re making a few other dress appointment stops that day or you’re planning the appointment around brunch, the length of your appointment is always good to know! Typically these last around 90 minutes or so. Sometimes they can last longer or shorter depending on your particular situation, but you can probably plan around that hour and a half point!



There’s no pressure at your appointment to “say yes to the dress” that moment, even though TV might make you feel that way! If you feel like you want a little time to mull it over, take it! The wedding gown is a big decision, and shouldn’t be taken too lightly. Grab lunch, maybe a drink, and talk it over with those you trust. You can always go back later in the day or week if you decide it’s the dress for you!

Hopefully this helps give you a little more insight to what to expect at your wedding gown appointment!

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