How to Write Your Wedding Vows

How to Write Your Wedding Vows

How to write your wedding vows might be something you never thought you’d find yourself googling, but here you are. No matter how much you love your spouse-to-be, sometimes the words can escape you! There are a few essentials to writing your wedding vows, and we’ve got some tips to make it easy:

Start early.

You will likely feel stressed out if you find yourself writing your vows on the day of your wedding. When will you find the time? What if you can’t think of anything? Don’t put yourself through that on what should be the best day ever! Start at least a few weeks ahead of the big day to make sure you’ve got time to think it out and be inspired.

Talk to Your Partner.

You’ll want to make sure your vows are roughly the same length as the other’s so one of you isn’t just standing there reading a novel while the other wrote two sentences! Agree on a length and stick to it.


This is the fun part! Your vows should be personal, filled with love and memories, and be really meaningful to your relationship. Surround yourself with photos of all the fun times you’ve had together. Think back to that first date, the first time you exchanged “I love you’s”, put on “your song.” These memories and moments will help you think of the perfect promises to make to your partner.

Step by Step.

Actually writing out the vows just goes step by step. Start with something about who your partner is to you. Are you best friends? Is she the love of your life? Is he your partner in crime? Spell it out here.

From there, say a little about what you love about them. You can tell a story about the first time you realized you loved them, or maybe what you feel every time you look in their eyes. Don’t get caught up in saying every little thing, your ceremony would go on forever! Figure out what best sums up your love here.


Add some personality to your promises. If you make each other laugh more than any other people in the world, make your promises funny! If you’re head-over-heels, romantic soulmates, add some passion and romance to your vows.

In Good Times and Bad.

Look to the future; imagine the amazing highs and difficult lows you’ll go through together. Make your promises for how you’ll handle both the good and the bad.


Don’t forget to promise to forever! Wrap up your vows with joy and excitement looking ahead to a lifetime together.

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