Baby’s Breath Alternatives

Baby’s Breath Alternatives

Today we’re so excited to have Becca with Country Elegance Florists making a guest appearance on the blog! She will be talking all about baby’s breath – a common trend of late – and how to stand out of that crowd with some awesome baby’s breath alternatives!

Baby’s Breath Alternatives

Baby’s Breath Alternatives
Queen Anne’s Lace

Baby’s breath – especially baby’s breath in mason jars as wedding centerpieces – is a trend that started a few years ago. Baby’s breath is known for being, well, I don’t like to call any of our flowers cheap…. we’ll go with cost effective.

When I’m in a consultation and I get a request for baby’s breath I like to follow it up by asking, why? Do you want baby’s breath because you think it’s cost effective, because you actually like it, or because it’s the only white filler you know of? In consultations I like to bring couples through our coolers and help give them an idea of what flowers look like outside of a filtered Pinterest board.

Baby’s Breath Alternatives

If you want baby’s breath because you like it – read no further! If, however, you just thought baby’s breath was the most “bang for your buck” stem or the only white filler, then let me show you some alternatives. Depending on your budget and your style some of these options will work for your wedding:

Baby’s Breath Alternatives

Wax/Calcinia – this is probably my favorite alternative. Depending on the time of year you are getting married wax flower or calcinia will be in season. They both come in white and blush/ pink. They have a similar look and feel and they are an easy way to fill containers for centerpieces without much knowledge of floral design.

Feverfew – This bloom feels so country. If you like the look of baby’s breath for its country codes this is a great alternative. This is the flower used to make chamomile tea and it has such a wild whimsical look.

Baby’s Breath Alternatives
Ruscus Greenery

Greenery – the greenery trend is one of my favorites in the last few years. There are so many shades and textures of greenery and they are cost effective. They can fill a lot of space quickly and they last quite awhile without a water source.

Personal favorite greens: salal for the more modest budget, Italian ruscus and eucalyptus for a more luxurious filler.

Baby’s Breath Alternatives
Misty in two shades

Misty – Misty is another filler and they come in shades of purple. Often times when we see people using baby’s breath is will be for a country wedding or a wedding with just a pop of color. This is great for adding color and it’s an element I recommend when building a wild flower bouquet.

Solidago– this is similar to misty in its benefits for a country style wedding and providing a pop of color.

Queen Anne’s lace – this stem is has a bit more of a classy feel to it. It’s delicate, it’s Lacey. It comes in white and purple. When it’s cut as a younger stem it is more green and when it’s cut a little older it’s color fills in a bit more.

Baby’s Breath Alternatives

Overall baby’s breath isn’t a bad stem. In fact it’s one of our more popular stems in both wedding and daily flowers. It is, however, not your only option! There’s a whole world of flowers out there. If you’re looking for something a little different, just ask your florist for other options. There are so many baby’s breath alternatives out there!


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Thanks Becca and the wedding team at Country Elegance Florists for this insight to alternatives to the traditional baby’s breath! Check out their storefront here!

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