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Aubrey Beth Photography


Ouray, CO


Ouray, Telluride, Silverton, Montrose, Moab, Utah + Beyond


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I believe you have one heck of a spectacular story to tell, and I would be thrilled beyond words if I could be the one to tell it! Known for my Jeep collection and passion for adventure, I love documenting unforgettable moments for couples who feel most alive with mud on their boots and sticks in their hair. But no matter what story you wish to tell, my goal is to celebrate everything that makes you you with every click of my camera. And I’ll quite literally go the extra mile to do it!

In Ouray, CO, where I literally walk out my front door into the kind of landscapes that belong in epic fantasy movies, it’s not all that surprising that a girl who once pestered her mom for more Polaroid film would eventually become a professional photographer. But when I realized I could blend my passion for photography with my lifelong love of adventure, my life changed forever.

Today, I create once-in-a-lifetime photography experiences for couples, families, and individuals who don’t mind a little mud on their shoes if it means they had the time of their lives. With a spontaneous and sincere style, I fill galleries with dynamic images that feature both awe-striking landscapes and heartwarming emotion. And I have a freaking blast doing it!

Ready for your epic adventure? Let’s go!