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DJ Ryan Griz Entertainment | Music & Entertainment in Grand Junction, CO - featured on WED West Slope, a directory of western slope wedding vendors.

Griz Entertainment


Grand Junction, CO



Western Slope, Vail, Aspen, Moab & Beyond



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Griz Entertainment is a wedding DJ service based in Grand Junction, Colorado. Owned and operated by Ryan Griz, this dedicated team of DJ’s works to create not only music, but memories. They believe in the importance of quality entertainment and music, and with each event, they strive to bring their performance to the next level.


Aside from spinning soundtracks, this company offers a range of other services to enhance a wedding. They can provide live music for the ceremony and cocktail hour, as well as a photo booth. A range of lighting options are available for both indoor and outdoor celebrations, including options for custom gobo and pin spotting effects. Lastly, this company offers one of the most unique experiences in the country, ‘The Gig Rig’ – a party on wheels.