West Slope Attire

Attire and accessories include vendors and boutiques offering wedding gowns, tuxes, custom crafted floral crowns, and more! Wedding attire should be a decision to have fun with. Brides looking for dresses often make day trips out of their dress hunt, bringing their moms, sisters and friends to bridal boutiques to find the dress they say yes to. Grooms might check out virtual storefronts to put together their dream tux combinations.

You should go into your decision about attire with comfort in mind. Many couples choose style at the cost of comfort, and while they certainly look beautiful, they might regret that choice after an hour of dancing at the wedding reception!

With wedding party attire, you can choose to coordinate their outfits by color – letting your party choose the dress design they like best on their bodies, or you can coordinate by design so everyone has the same style on. Both options are very common these days as more and more couples want their party to be comfortable more than matching.

Click through these wedding attire vendors to see how they can help you look your best on your big day!