Springtime Florals with 3 Leaf Floral

Springtime Florals with 3 Leaf Floral

Creating a Springtime Centerpiece | Springtime Florals with 3 Leaf Floral

Today we are giving you a taste of springtime florals in all their glory. Did you know that as a wedding florist in Colorado, March and April are some of my slower months, but the flowers available to me are some of the most affordable AND the most beautiful? I want you to consider this: Yes, a summer wedding is a traditional time to have a wedding. But lets face it- June here is HOT and dry. While there are great traditional wedding flowers to use, they might not be at the peak of their season for a summer wedding. Take a peony for example. In May they are amazing and large, still pricey but beautiful! Out of season, they are small and still pricey. They will not look like the bundle you just pinned on your pinterest page.

Ranunculus vs. PeoniesWe took this photo of a March Ranunculus (on the left) compared to an March peony (on the right). Can you see the difference? That ranunculus is gorgeous and even opened larger as the day went on. It totally out lasted that peony as well. It pays to pick flowers in season, and spring is prime time for beautiful blooms. Pair spring flowers with our beautiful flowering fruit trees, and magic happens.
It is fun to think outside the pinterest box and truly create something unique to you! Here’s what I did with just a few stems of flowers, locally foraged Grand Junction branches and a pretty compote.

Step 1:

Prep your container, tools and florals. Make sure you cut woody stems vertically to increase water intake.

3 Leaf Floral Design - Creating a Spring Centerpiece | Grand Junction Wedding

 Step 2:

Green up your vessel. I added in the andromeda and bushier greens to make the structure.

3 Leaf Floral Design - Creating a Spring Centerpiece | Grand Junction Wedding

Step 3:

Add in large blooms and focal flowers next. I started with the bright thistle and then added those luscious ranunculus to fill space.

3 Leaf Floral Design - Creating a Spring Centerpiece | Grand Junction Wedding Close up of centerpiece with white and pink florals

Step 4:

Finally fill in spaces with the smaller more delicate blooms.

I loved to pull in more pink with the crab apple blossoms and scabiosa.

Centerpiece with white and pink florals

Flower types used:

Scabiosa | Thistle Flower flat layHelleborus | Ranunculus Flower flat layAndromeda Flower flat layCherry blossom | crab apple blossom Flower flat lay

(Local) Crab Apple blossom / Andromeda / (Local) Cherry Blossom
(Local) Ranunculus / (Local) Helleborus / Thistle / Scabiosa

I hope you start to think about other seasons when planning your wedding. Often a slower time for a wedding vendor means they are available and that they’d like to change it up a bit. A Western Colorado spring wedding is just plain beautiful, and I know as a florist, if I get to work with this palette- I’ll jump on it!

xo, Kelly

Kelly Mendenhall of 3 Leaf Floral arranging a centerpiece

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