How to Make Wedding Planning Fun

How to Make Wedding Planning Fun

So you’re engaged? Congratulations! After you take 1,000,000 ring photos, tell all of your friends and family, update your status online to ‘engaged,’ it’s time to actually start planning this wedding.

Late fall, after the craziness of September weddings, it’s that magical time of year when wedding shows, expos, and activities start popping up all over the Western Slope. Maybe you and your significant other are already excited to hit these events together, ready to find your dream vendors, and if so, good for you! Get out there and plan! But maybe you are a little more hesitant. You, or your fiance, might not want to go for fear that the events will be boring, too crowded, or just a waste of time. But we have some good news for you- there are ways to make these events (and other pieces of wedding planning) fun and useful.

So, if you’re dreading this wedding planning thing, how do you make it fun? Here’s how: 

  1.  Get in the right mindset. 

You might have noticed that this is a recurring theme around here. But, we’ll say it again for those that haven’t heard it enough yet. If you are headed to a big wedding expo with the thought that it will be awful, then it might just be awful. However, if you head out together knowing that it might be useful and that you might find the photographer /caterer /dj of your dreams, then it opens up the possibility that you really will. Even if your day isn’t what you expected, if you find one great vendor, then it was all worth it.


 2. Make a game out of it. 

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Everyone likes games, right? So if your significant other isn’t feeling this whole wedding planning thing, each time you plan an outing, plan a game to go with it.


For example, if you are headed to a big wedding expo, count how many times you see a future bride wearing a sash or a veil. You can also split up to see which one can find the best option for desserts. Inject some fun into your day with these mini games.

     3. Plan strategically.

If you have a long day of wedding planning scheduled, make sure to schedule something fun and relaxing afterwards. Do you have a favorite restaurant together? Schedule reservations there after your wedding expo. Or if you’re traveling to scout venues, be sure to check out some fun local activities while you’re there. If you find yourself checking out The Hotel Colorado, why not take a dip in the Iron Mountain Hot Springs while you’re there?

Planning your wedding should be like an extended date before you get married, so make sure you take some time to treat it that way!

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     4. Hire it out.

If none of these strategies work, or if you’re just too darn busy or overwhelmed, you can always hire a wedding planner to take over the heavy lifting for you!


So, there you have it. Now you crazy kids get out there and start planning!

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