Choosing Your Dream Venue with Couloir Creative

by Jeff with Couloir Creative Photography:

I worked with April from April Marie Events on a rundown of tips for looking for your ideal wedding venue. There are some real awesome insights from her and a few tips from me as well.

The Practical

  1. Budget! Only visit venues that are within your budget. Keep in mind that although a venue might be large portion of your budget, you’ll still need to handle the food, photography, flowers, a dj/band, and attire to name a few.

  2. Only consider venues that can fit the guests you want to have. Many venues have a strict maximum of guests for good reason – it will be very cramped if you add more to that, and it will be a fire hazard. Cutting down on your guest list is a possibility, but not too much fun.

  3. Do you want an inside and outside space due to weather concerns? We all know weather can be a wild-card especially here in Colorado, so you may want an inside space or event a tent in case of inclement weather. Or… throw caution to the wind literally and just do it outside!

Other Considerations

  1. A bridal suite and even another area for your fiance to get ready are awesome to have at your venue. It reduces travel on your wedding day and allows you to settle in and relax with your wedding party and family at the venue while getting ready.

  2. You may want to consider it a real plus to have multiple spots for a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Venues with several multi-use areas make your wedding day feel like a true event not to be missed!

  3. Entryways can really wow your guest when they or you and the wedding party enter the venue or specific spots within it.

Photography-related Tips

  1. It’s best to have at least three or four different areas to shoot portraits of the bride and groom. Ideally, each will have a different feel – such as a beautiful aspen grove, a mountain meadow, and an old barn would be a great combo. At least one of these should be private and away from your guests so you feel at ease.

  2. Does the venue have at least one epic view? To me this was important when I was married. I wanted at least one spot where I knew there would be the opportunity for epic photos of us.

Emotionally Driven Tip

  1. A venue will definitely stand out from all the rest not only practically but from an emotional standpoint. You and your significant other just have that feeling that this is the place you want to get married. You may even want to make changes to your initial plan so that that one venue stands out works for your wedding day.

Thanks to:

Orchard River View for hosting us at their beautiful venue

April Marie Events for her insightful tips and pro-level answers done all in one-take

Amanda Matilda Photography for her great photos

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P.S. – If you’re reading this before July 21st, 2019 and are looking for your wedding venue – check out our Venue Crawl event here!

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